We're more than a translation company.

Michael Jonas

CEO / Founder

I believe in giving back and also in doing everything we can to enjoy the world around us. There’s a lot more to a fulfilling professional life than just sitting at a desk all week long.

Amy McGill

CFO / Co-Founder

I believe, our success is the result of the hard work and commitment of the most loyal and dedicated team of employees in the industry; they are the ones most responsible for creating and sustaining our culture of growth.

Patricia Knowles

CFO / Co-Founder / Marketing

No doubt I am a part of MikDoss family .We’re a family of committed individuals dedicated to being the world’s leading enabler of global communications.

Jonathan Jane

Creative Director

"My favorite thing about working at FTS is the people and being part of a company that knows and appreciates the value of its people."

Arthur Bertrand

Project Manager

"My favorite parts of the job are the aspects related to language and culture—anytime I have the opportunity to think creatively about ways to solve problems that arise in certain target markets is exciting to me."

Kelly Lewis

Managing Director

"I know people say a job has been life changing for them, but I truly believe that about FTS. Six years ago I was a struggling entrepreneur in Dublin, and now I’m managing a team of forty nine in New York and engaged to a colleague I met through the company."

James Clayton

Sales Representative

"I think it’s a truly unique experience to constantly be working with team members from all over the world, day in and day out."

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