At FTS Translation Service, we understand that our legal clients need much more than translation and language services to support their global litigation and discovery strategies. We also know that having a comprehensive suite of support offerings under one roof—supplied through a single point of contact—ensures case-level continuity throughout the life of the matter. In turn, attorneys, support staff, and general counsel can focus on the thing they do best: winning.

Forensic Technology & Consulting

Forensic Technology

FTS forensic data technologists are based around the world and can complete the most demanding and sensitive assignments with the highest level of technical expertise.
E-Discovery & Early Data Assessment

Trial Support

FTS supports the full trial process from planning through execution, including vetting and scheduling court reporters, formulating presentation strategy, preparing electronic exhibits, and assembling video clips and transcripts for trial use.

Language Services
FTS translates more legal documents than any other company worldwide. Our proven record shows a long-standing commitment to quality, speed, and subject-area expertise for international litigation.
Paper Discovery & Production

Paper Discovery
We’ve built a network of info graphic support locations in major markets around the world, allowing us to offer expedited service and enhanced logistics for pick-up and delivery.
Managed Review & Staffing

Managed Review
With FTS Translation Service we  managed review facilities in major markets around the world, we handle review engagements of any size, scope, and subject—including large volume and multi-language reviews—anywhere in the world.

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