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Due to extensive business growth and approaches to international markets in Germany, tourist attractions, student exchange programs, etc. The English language has become a necessity there. However, as their national and official language is German, there is a crucial need for translation provider services from German to English and reverse. For such important matters, we are here to help you. Fulltimetranslation is an efficient and reliable source to solve your problems.

The fulltimetranslation translates german through and legitimate and has been accumulated by experienced German and English language specialists. It offers language students all that they require for the online query from a dictionary they can trust.

Right translation from English to German at the snap of a mouse

The exhaustive online dictionary from Thefulltimetranslation is accessible promptly and for nothing to all clients and guests of this site. To interpret a German word into English, simply type it into the hunt box to create a rundown of conceivable English translations. Then again, you can enter English words to locate the right German translation. Utilize the drop-down menu to look through the German-English dictionary, however all online word references.

Why utilize the German-English online dictionary from TheFullTimeTranslation to become familiar with another dialect?

In a globalized world, exhaustive language abilities are picking up insignificance. The online dictionary from TheFullTimeTranslation is a superb decision for anybody wishing to become familiar with another dialect. It can assist students with growing their jargon and locate the correct German or English translation. Our dictionary likewise offers extra significant highlights to help the language learning measure.

The English language has a place with the West Germanic part of dialects, and it keeps on being the most broadly utilized language on the planet. Today, English is spoken by around 330 million local speakers. At the point when individuals that have English as their subsequent language are included, the complete take-off to exactly 500 million speakers. In numerous nations, English language abilities stay essential for social progression, and English is instructed as to the first unknown dialect in quite a while. English is additionally the official language of most of the global associations. English-language melodies habitually show up in pop graphs in Argentina, Poland, South Africa, and Thailand. The German-English dictionary from TheFullTimeTranslation is accessible quickly to help clients in learning another dialect – be it after language class or when self-examining dialects at home. Accordingly, clients can learn new words and expressions effectively and viably and persistently improve their insight into English.

Search the German dictionary by letter


Lookup any German to English translation directly in the German online dictionary. Select the appropriate letter below to see a list of German words beginning with that letter. When you have found the word you were looking for click on it to get to the German-English dictionary.

Break the language obstruction!

Need to decipher a non-English email from a merchant, a market concentrate in German, or a web structure for your next excursion abroad? In the present relentless worldwide commercial center, we have to interpret writings from English into German for individual as well as business use. Convey right away in unknown dialects with TheFullTimeTranslation translation programming items.

Translate all alone!

No compelling reason to re-appropriate translation to an office or request help. Use TheFullTimeTranslation for all your German English translations. It’s straightforward and free! It offers a free German English online interpreter. The main pioneer in Machine Translation – Translation Software, without human intercession – conveys translations shortly. Over a word-to-word German English translation which is regularly not reasonable, translation programming jelly the importance of the first content. Depend on TheFullTimeTranslation to rapidly and effectively interpret a German English book for nothing. Its items are utilized by a huge number of clients around the world, including Internet entries, Fortune 500, and open associations.

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